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    Delta Steel Mill limited, is a privately owned the most modern steel mill limited company. This plant is located at Viana Luanda, ANGOLA .The plant has set up a state of the art facility to manufacture Ribbed thermo mechanically treated (TMT) rebar production to meet the demand of the African continent,

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    DELTA Steel Mill having two each 8 MT induction crucibles and fully atomized rolling mill that will allow to produce 24,000 tons of Ingots annually with 100% of scrap recycled. The ingots pass the quality requirement as per BS 4449 standard specification. The heat treatment process ensure that the rebar meet stringent quality standard and exhibit higher strength, better ductility, bend ability and weld ability over the conventional bars used in the construction industries.

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    Specifications,Grades & Standards

    United Kingdom BS 4449 B 500B

    Analysis Chemical composition % max

    In. C. P. S. N. Cu. C. EV
    Cast. 0,22. 0,050 0,050 0,012. 0,80. 0,50
    Product. 0,24. 0,055 0,055 0,014 0,80. 0,52x
  • Mechanical characteristics

    COUNTRY STANDARD GRADE Re Yield Strength nominal (Mpa) Rm Tensile Strength nominal (Mpa) Rm/Re Ratio nominal Agt Elongation nominal (%)
    UK BS 4449 B 500B 500 550 1.08 5
  • Quality Policy

    Delta steel mill is committed to emerge as a Market Leader in the rebar sector by increasing customer satisfaction through Continual Improvement in our Process & Quality Management system attained through dedication and commitment by the entire team of the Company.

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  • Key Features

    • Lower carbon content and made from fully killed steel.
    • High yield strength, higher tensile strength, higher elongation percentage.
    • Easy bend ability, weld ability and excellent ductility ensure economy and safety of use
    • Requires less energy for bending and re-bending along with superior reverse bending properties.
    • Ideally suited for any type of concrete structure

  • Our Mission

    Perceiving customer needs at utmost levels by providing them flexibility in sourcing, competitive prices, on-time deliveries and customized solutions for unique needs.

    Ensuring attentive, effective and proactive customer service and personalized attention to customers.

    Continually building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers.

    Sustaining our reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic supplier in the market.

    Achieving profitable growth, operational and organizational excellence without compromising on our values and business ethics.

  • Our vision

    Being a recognized company in Angola and Africa well established world-wide with an excellence in organizational structure.

    Re-defining the standard of ‘customer services’ by exceeding customer expectations.

    Being admired for our business values and ethics.

    Keeping our names synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation.

    Being the “preferred choice” for customer, suppliers and employees.

    Bringing inspiration and being a model for companies who are willing to reach their dreams.

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